Push The Boat Out 2018

On Saturday 19 May Up River Yacht Club will host it’s 5th Push The Boat Out sailing event where members of the public can try sailing for free.

Get afloat and enjoy the pleasure of sailing on the River Crouch at Hullbridge.

Want to see the videos and full details of the 2018 event? Please click this link.

Here is some feedback, images and a brief report of last years’ event.


Feedback from the 2017 event

 What people attending said about the highly successful Push The Boat Out event that took place on Saturday 13 May 2017

How you heard about the event – Friend

What was good – It was excellent. A very well organised event that we would love to attend again. Everyone was very friendly and put my two young sons at ease as they had never sailed before. They had a wonderful time and slept very well afterwards 😀

What was not so good – We were very happy and wouldn’t have changed anything!

Sum up the day: An excellent day full of fun, frolics, tea and cake – what more could you want?! 

Karen Houser-Barlow


How you heard – Friend

What was good – Well organised, excellent experience for children, friendly members to help the children and adults, great range of catering

What was not so good – Nothing

Sum up the day – Lovely family event

Katie Oliver


Push The Boat Out 2017 

Our fourth and most successful Push The Boat Out event at Up River Yacht Club to date:

  • Record number of visitors
  • Record numbers went sailing
  • Record number sign up for membership on the day
  • Record number express a strong interest in joining

Though the day was cloudy and grey, even starting with a little drizzle, this didn’t stop a steady stream of visitors arriving at Up River Yacht Club. A big queue of people waiting to go sailing soon built up.


With 9 boats taking 15 minute sessions, the day was truly hectic with a fantastic slip way crew getting people safely in and out of dinghies in quite challenging conditions. It was breezy, with several of our helms working hard to keep their boats upright! This meant only a limited number of visitors could try helming during brief periods when the wind speed allowed. Although, with winds gusting up to 17 knots, it did make for some very brisk sailing which delighted many of our more exuberant visitors.

Team Effort

Getting the right people in the right boats was a closely coordinated effort from the booking team, bouyancy aid station, slipway ‘runner’ and slipway co-ordinator who made this possible. Bearing in mind the relentless pace meant a boat was landing its passengers, then getting the right people aboard and settled in place, and then leaving again before the next dinghy returned, every two and a half minutes or so… it was pretty full on!

Fantastic feedback

Our club ambassadors worked as greeters, circulated and spend time helping guests and especially making people feel welcome. We can report that we were given some fantastic feed back.

Shore side, we had a steady stream of customers at the bar, a busy kitchen café selling drinks and cakes with a BBQ keeping visitors and ‘the troops’ fed all afternoon


This event also allowed the club to engage with the local community. Just one example; a lady who arrived with the younger members of her family. She had always lived near the river, but had never been in a boat before. Finally plucking up courage to go, having spent all afternoon thinking about it, took to the water in one of the last sails of the day. Upon returning she told me she really enjoyed it ,even though terrified throughout! Walking ashore dry, and with a beaming smile to the rapturous applause of her family, the lady in question repeated she had an excellent day and was so pleased she took the opportunity to go sailing with Up River YC.

                      First time sailing and thoroughly enjoyed the day 


From a club viewpoint, the huge turn out of members to spread the workload was outstanding. Even the post event take-down and clear-up was done with a smile. The post event debrief was made even better by the news that Dave Willsmore and Alan Parker on the membership desk had had a very good day, both signing up new memberships and from folk who expressed a keen interest. 

Please click this link for full details of the 2018 event.


Please click click this link for full details of the forthcoming 2018 Push The Boat Out event