Hullbridge, just moved in or lived here years?

Virtually everyone living in Hullbridge is in walking distance of the River Crouch.

Many people don’t realise, even folk who have lived here for years, that the River Crouch is a premier sailing centre for the South East of England. 

There are many famous and historic yacht clubs on the North bank of the river, particularly at Burnham on Crouch. However there is a hidden gem on your doorstep, Up River Yacht Club, which is situated conveniently on the South bank of the Crouch in Pooles Lane, Hullbridge.

Google ‘best yacht club on the river crouch’ you will immediately find Up River Yacht Club.

Moving to Hullbridge?

If you’re moving to the Hullbridge district you’re probably keen to become part of the community and explore opportunities that are now local to your new home. So would yacht club membership appeal? Perhaps you might try boating to see if you like it. So why not have a go at sailing? Especially when you discover that you have the best yacht club on the whole southern shore of the river so close by.

The club is very family focused and offers novices the opportunity to try sailing. Parents or grandparents can bring along their children/grandchildren to learn to sail. There are many types of boat owned by members. If you are thinking about retirement, owning a modest sailing cruiser can offer a great deal of enjoyment for very little outlay. Up River Yacht Club is an ideal place to keep a boat if you’re on a budget. The club fees are also remarkable low as this is a non-profit self-help yacht club. 

If you have sailed in the past and thinking of getting back into it, Up River Yacht Club can offer you the use of a club boat during organised events, so you don’t have to own your own boat, or safety kit, to get on the water and find out if you would like to take up sailing again. Sport England has helped the Club build up a fleet of modern safe dinghies perfect for sailing tuition, yet fast enough for the more experienced to race. 

The Club offers something for all ages

As well as families and a thriving cadet section, Up River YC has many members nearing retirement, or who have recently retired, who support our strong sailing cruiser section. If you are looking for a fulfilling hobby when you stop work, you might want to find out more. So why not stroll down to Up River Yacht Club just after midday on a Sunday (when the club house is open). You will be very welcome to have a look around and have a chat with some of our members and see what you think.

One of the best things about sailing? It’s a sport that it can be enjoyed by all ages and by families together. You can sail “from seven to seventy” they used to say. At Up River Yacht Club there are members children who take to the water younger still, as well as several members who are still taking part in Club activities, well into their eighties. 

Above all the Club is welcoming. You will soon feel part of the community if you are moving to Hullbridge. Also, joining Up River Yacht Club will offer you a network of connections that will be a great help to you in locally and beyond.

Thinking of joining? Check out this page.