WANTED Safety Boat Crew

For many years a core team of cruiser owners helped out the dinghy sailors each winter by crewing our safety boats. For the winter and warm up series races we usually run two safety boats, hence the demand. 

Key members of the ‘old team’ have found it necessary to give up the safety boat, some for health reasons. So we are looking for new members, cruiser owners as well as affiliate members to put their names on a roster to crew a safety boat. This will enable us to cover the remainder of the winter series. We would also like to have both drivers and crew for the Warm Up Series of races which take place from the new year into early spring 2018. 

If you like the idea of getting out on the water occasionally when your own boat is laid up ashore, crewing the safety boat offers a great opportunity. Full training given so you can become a vital member of the Up River team. 

Can you help?

Please send an email to grahamlazell@hotmail.com and say whether or not you are an experienced safety boat driver or crew member. Tell us if you would you like to receive Safety Boat coaching. Perhaps you’ve not done it for a while? Why not take a refresher under the watchful eye of one our our experienced safety boat drivers.

We are looking for members (minimum age 16) who would like to help out, the more the merrier!  Once we have have enough names for the safety boat roster we’ll invite you all to select the dates that are best for you, then sort out the training depending upon what members taking part tell us they need. 

It would be great if you could jump on board

Finally, don’t forget we will be getting a brand new and more powerful safety boat next year. Its quite a potent machine!