How to use the AED at Up River Yacht Club


Here are 3 videos: just click on each picture below, or the highlighted text to view them, or copy and paste the links shown into your browser if you have difficulty viewing them.

The first one (above) is an introductory video and is just over 2 minutes long. Worth watching even if you are an infrequent visitor to the club as it gives you an idea useful this device is.

The second video is more detailed – however it shows the non-automatic version. The greater detail is very useful to have a full understanding of how it works and how to look after it.

This video also gives full setting up and servicing information, It is probably most relevant to members involved in maintenance. This is about 8 minutes long.

This is a detailed first aid video shown in real time, It demonstrates the manual version of our AED however it is an excellent training reference should you wish to know exactly what to do is presented with a patient/person who has stopped breathing.