Sailing to Battlesbridge

Given the right combination of wind and tide, sailing from Up River Yacht Club to Battlesbridge can be idyllic. Account of this trip on 5 April from Rob. 

David and I ‘chanced’ upon each other that morning, and, knowing we had a planned a mid-week sail the next day, got chatting about the weather. The wind forecast for sailing on Friday wasn’t looking so great, so we agreed to meet at the club later that day, a couple of hours before high water. As we were launching the boats, David asked me if I fancied heading up to Battlesbridge. Personally, I’m not too bothered where I sail, I just like being on the water, so agreed, and off we went, drifting along at first, as the wind had disappeared!

By the time were parallel with Miles and Olympic, the breeze had started to gather pace again, giving us a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours sailing up to Battlesbridge and back.

A beautiful afternoon sail.

Approaching battlesbridge


 When we moored up at Battlesbridge (a first for me), David turned and said to me “Well, we’ve doubled the number of boats from the club that made it here last time I came!”