Volunteers to support Push The Boat Out

Could you help out?

We had great support last year from members to help out on, what feels like, the club’s busiest day of the year. …this is what we did last year:

Check out the different roles members took on that are set out below – with some pictures to remind us of what a great day we had!

If you would like to come along for all (or even part of the day) please let us know – with a quick email to info@upriver.org.uk confirming the job you would like to volunteer for. It would be great for those who got involved last year to take on the same roles so that this year’s additional volunteers can learn from you. 

Dinghy helms

Dinghy helms are being coordinated by Matt Pickett – 6 helms have confirmed but we would like a few more especially those with access to bigger dinghies. Please contact Matt if you think you could help out, please email: m.pickett@virgin.net

Slipway Crew : Last year; Alan Turner, Colin King, Keith Pennington, Alan Fuller, John Luff-Smith, Kevin Walker (role: helping people in and out of boats and ensuring a fast turnaround) 


Booking Table : Michael Ettershank and Amanda Harris (collating forms, allocating suitable boats to the type of sailor and size of the group)

Buoyancy Aids : Julia Hall (buoyancy allocation), Chris Hall (slipway collection)

Sailing guest supervision : Jane Berry (vital link between folk ready to sail and the Slipway Coordinator) 

Slipway Coordinator  :  Ian Dawson (directing guests to their allocated dinghies. Monitoring time slots, coordinating with safety boats and helms)

BBQ & Galley Co-ordinator  : Patsey Harris

BBQ Cooks : Jason Rodway, Rob Yarwood, Chris Cannon

Galley / Cooks : Paula Rodway, Jill Staggs, Pam & Steve Corps, Keith Podd  

Galley Teas & Coffee : Gill Dawson, Marion Jones, Graham Larkin

Membership table : David Willsmore, Glynis Willsmore 


Photographer/greeter : Dennis Haggerty

Ambassadors : Steve Harris (& Bar assist), Alex Gore, Graham Lazell, Graham Garner, Martin Johnson, Michael Aarons (Our USP greeting guests and making visitors feel welcome – and helping out where required) As you can see from this picture we had A LOT of guests, chatting to them, answering questions, spending some time and  overcoming their concerns about sailing, were a vital part of the day. 

Helpers/reserve : John Jones, Alan Parker, Mike Nutt

How could you help in 2018

If you could take on the same role as last year – that would be great. Perhaps you are new to the club or have not been involved before and would like to help out? We would ensure you would have someone experienced to ‘buddy’ with so you know what to do. Check out the roles, what do you fancy?  

We are particularly looking for members who could help in the kitchen and ESPECIALLY members willing to donate cakes and other goodies for us to sell to the public. So if you have baking skills we would also love to hear from you. Please email Patsy Harris pat-harris4@hotmail.co.uk who can tell you all about the catering and club galley arrangements this year.

How to let us know


Please email info@upriver.org.uk if you can take one one of these roles again this year.

Please email info@upriver.org.uk if you would like to try out one of these roles for the first time

If you want to know more about potentially helming a boat on the day please contact Matt Picket; m.pickett@virgin.net

To find out more about the club Galley, food, catering and the BBQ – (even if you are only able to spare a couple of hours on the day) Patsy will also be very pleased to hear from you – email;


Thank you

A big THANK YOU in advance for stepping forward. Everyone I spoke to last year thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Its highly rewarding in terms of the appreciation from visitors to the club as well as a great way to promote Up River YC and the sport we love.