Up River Yacht Club News September 2019

Blue sky and sunshine at the Up River YC Regatta


Thank you to everyone who supported the Regatta. We were blessed with the weather and it felt like we had a record number of visitors.

Never before, has the queue for the bar, stretched across the club, and out the door!  

We ran out of glasses several times and had to recruit emergency pot-men to round up and wash the empties.

So many members helped to set up, staff stalls etc and take down the regatta equipment, I simply couldn’t thank you all personally. But believe me I was very grateful for all the work you did. Also, I’m sure our visitors had a really good day too.

Finally, thanks to John and the three bands. They proved very popular and make a huge difference to making this village event so successful.

We raised £200 for the RNLI, £50 for Summer View Group Home, £50 for Rochford Tractor Club’s nominated charity and a fantastic £984 toward the defibrillator that will be located at the club.

Interested in how to use a defibrillator? Check out this St Johns Ambulance video  

Click here to read a short report and see pictures from the regatta


Not much left now
Job done

Seegischt (‘Sea Spray’ in German)

We said farewell to ‘Uncle Albert’s’ boat this week. Like the owner, Seegischt was a one off. Ken Letch (deceased) was a great storyteller, and for those of us who sat down with Ken and heard his life story, you will know how important Seegischt was to keeping Ken going in his later years. He also did lots of work around the club and created lots of work too when his boat sank – several times!

The hull was professionally built (unknown design) but the rather tall cabin top was taken off of a motor boat and fitted by Ken. The boat was abandoned at the club. Dismantling, and recycling, were the only option. We really need the space. Here’s a link to see Ken’s boat when he owned her;  http://bills-log.blogspot.com/2011/12/seegischt-one-off-yacht.html

Member discount – the Anchor Restaurant   

Ten percent discount for Up River Yacht Club members (The Anchor have coded their tills so you will have a 10% discount for you and your party off all meals). Just show your membership card on the back of your current club Programme of Events and Tide Tables booklet.


Please return your racing cups and trophies to the club within the next two weeks.

Reminder – sailing our club boats

As a full club member (i.e. not an associate member), and subject to priority being given to our sailing tuition/fun sail programme, you are able to sail club dinghies at club events. This means; races, fun sails, inter club events.

Always check with Matt Picket first, as he is obliged to ‘sign off’ any loan of a club boat. He will also be able to put you right in case there’s a problem with one of the boats/launching trolleys, we don’t want you to get caught out. Naturally your experience and the prevailing weather conditions are Matt’s over-riding concerns… as we want you and the boat to get back in one piece!

Brightlingsea Rally

Relaxing at beer o’clock after the sail to Brightlingsea

Just a brief mention of the very enjoyable Brightlingsea rally. Several of the 9 boats on the rally raced for the Moonraker Trophy on the outward journey and the Raysand Trophy for the return. Here is a link to a brief report with several pictures (previously seen on the Club WhatsApp Social Group).

Should you not have already done so, I would encourage all members with a smart phone to join the Up River Social Group. Download the App and then just email your mobile phone number to Marcus and asked to be added – simple!

And finally

There are several members who never receive email about the club. Some don’t have an email address, I can’t do much about that.

However there are email addresses given by members on their membership forms that are being rejected by their email server, therefore they are not receiving club newsletters etc.

  • MARK.BODEY@tesco.net
  • peter.shillitoe@btinternet.com
  • collet.d@sky.com
  • tony@siksltd.co.uk
  • anthonygrove@yahoo.co.uk

I frequently get messages that our emails have been ‘rejected by the server’. This usually means that there is an error in the email address. however (rarely) this proves false and the email is received.

If anyone knows the members above and can get in touch with them, please ask them to send me an email on info@upriver.org.uk so I can double check the info we have on file.

Fair winds