Up River in the 1960’s

I was contacted by Ted Wright who used to live in Hullbridge in the early 1960’s. He was a colleague of the late John Cowling at the Ekco works in Southend. His brother was a URYC member.

Ted has sent a selection of photos taken at URYC regattas in the 1960’s – they are the original monochrome 8×10 prints. (If anyone would like to see the original prints please let me know.)

Ted said about John Cowling, “I was on board when he helped my brother Peter to bring his yacht  around to the club from Leigh, past Southend pier. I don’t like the water, but to my mind it must have been like rounding Cape Horn. Took us 3 days in all.  Put me off boats for life, needless to say John appeared to love every second.”

Our Thanks to Ted for saving these pictures and going to a great deal of trouble and postal cost to send them to us.

Underneath the people is Teds brother’s boat that was being used for a tug-o-war match at the time!

1960’s regatta  – the sail number on the Mirror Dinghy is from 1968

Look at all those trees, subsequently the victim of Dutch Elm disease and felled,

Mirror 21840 was built in 1970 – if the sail number is accurate this picture was later than mid 60’s as we originally thought.


Ehmm…. motor boats.