Looking for a good yacht club? Ask Google

Up River Yacht Club is growing. New members are being attracted by our focus on fun sails and the availability of safe modern sailing dinghies for novices to use for training. Cadets, that’s adults, teenagers and children, are learning the ropes before getting boats of their own. The club is buzzing with activity and getting noticed.

These days, people looking to get afloat for the first time, or who own a boat and are seeking to join a local yacht club, ‘Mr Google’ can be the first person they ask for a recommendation.

As you can see, Google now places Up River YC in the number two slot on the whole river. So if you are considering sailing as a sport for you or your family, or just somewhere economical to keep your much loved sailing cruiser. You might want to follow Googles results and check out Up River Yacht Club.

Look at the confidence

This picture speaks volumes about the skills and new found confidence of young people who have learned to sail at Up River YC


Sailing Cruisers

Sailing cruisers are moving to Up River to avoid expensive marinas.

If you have a smaller boat like this one in a marina, and want to reduce your mooring fees by up to 90 percent, you might like to think about the joys of keeping your boat on a traditional swinging mooring. At Up River YC we offer tidal moorings at just £150 per annum (any sailing boat up to 30ft is just £150 per year, not per metre that you could be paying at the moment).

Over-winter your boat in the club grounds for next to nothing for one lifetime fee. More details.