Tender Park Reorganisation – Update 2


Here are images of the two tenders and two launching trolleys that remain untagged by the owners and thought to be abandoned. They have been moved to the Southeast corner of the upper field.


As you will see, the blue dinghy has no identifying marks and judging by the grass growing out of it, has not been used for a long time. The launching trolleys will be scrapped unless the owners come forward. 

‘Stand Easy’ was owned by one of the Osler Brothers and presumably left here by the person who bought Stand Easy(?) when he moved her away from the Club? Any information that allows us to contact the owner and ask them to remove this tender would be most appreciated.

Regarding both the tenders and launching trolleys, we will follow the Club Rules. They will be disposed of after a reasonable time period has elapsed assuming ownership remains unresolved.  

New tender park plan

Both inflatables and a rigid tender with a white cover now sorted. The owners have been in touch and so, very soon, a definitive tender park plan for cruiser owners. Any changes thereafter will be considered by our tender park steward Terry Sumerfield ( tel. 01277 363137) 

And finally

Up River is not a club that gets too het up about rules. However, universal observance of what we sign up for each year when paying our subs and river license fee would be very helpful for keeping good order in the tender park; namely showing ‘tender to…. (your cruiser name) ‘ on the transom of your dinghy. Just writing this on with an indelible felt pen is all you need to do, and then we would know what tenders were in use and,identify any that have been abandoned.

Unlike marinas and many clubs, we don’t levy a fee per tender. Did you know, that as long ago as 1994 Paglesham Yacht Station were charging £350 a year to keep a tender on their premises/slipway. We are very fortunate \t Up River Yacht Club, lets keep it that way!