VHF Training Offer – 27 April

Following our successful Navigation Tuition classes with Premier Sailing they have now offered members a VHF Radio Course on Saturday 27 April. Potentially this is something for cruiser owners and dinghy sailors who crew club safety boats.

By getting together in a group of 9 or more, and holding the course at the club, we can make a substantial cost saving for club members.

Dennis – Commodore URYC

What’s the deal?

This course can be completed in one day finishing about 1800. The available date is Saturday 27 April. It will only cost £60 per person provided 9 – 12 (max) took part. Each candidate also has to pay the RYA direct for the licence @ £60 each, which is straightforward and Premier Sailing will give full details.

The regular price for the course is £95, so it’s well worth having a larger group for the best discount. If we have less than 9 members who want to do the course, the discount will be reduced accordingly. Worth knowing; the price includes the services of an instructor and a (separate) examiner.

Why get a VHF license?

Well, other than complying with the law, it might save the life of you, your crew’s or someone else’s. At very least you would have the knowledge and confidence to use your radio competently and get more out of your sailing/cruising.

There are also other benefits, for example, did you know you cannot bare boat charter a yacht in many countries, including Croatia if you don’t have a VHF license.

Already have a license but want to refresh your VHF skills?

No problem. This course is for you. Simply take part in the tuition and practical radio skills, but don’t sit the exam at the end.


Other than the price saving, by completing it in one day, the information is still very fresh in your mind when you do the exam.


If 27 April is good for you and you are interested in this training – either just the refresher or the full day including the exam – please send an email to info@upriver.org.uk and confirm:

  • Your name
  • Whether you want the refresher or the full course including the exam

You will be emailed information to assist you with the course one week in advance