Work Party

Just in case more recent members wondered how the sides of the Club slipway got there…

You will see from these recently donated photos that it was done the hard way by members working knee deep in mud! Even the concrete blocks forming the side of the slipway were made using a large wooden former – to save money the club cast our own and man-handled them into place.

There are some familiar faces in these photos including the late Jim Macavoy driving a dumper with his ubiquitous pipe clench firmly in his jaw.

Though many of the faces are unfamiliar to me I have spotted several who are still members and they’re still turning up for work parties.


I think you would agree this was really hard work and today’s members owe a debt of gratitude to their predecessors. 

Do you know the story?

If there’s a bit more info members might find interesting – such as the year this work was done – I will add to this post and scan in some more photos.