Opportunity to join the House Committee

This year there is an opportunity for one or more members to join the House Committee.

The House Committee has one of the most important roles in the club for making a difference to the membership. If you would like to find out more, and what’s involved, please get in touch with Liz Green, Ian Dawson or Michael Armstrong who can give you the low down.

Great Team

One of the best aspects of joining the House Committee is that you would be joining an experienced team well versed in everything we currently do in terms of the social events and running the Club House.

We are looking for new House Committee members simply because the Club thrives on new ideas and people coming forward to offer a new perspective on the Club social programme and other matters.

Social functions generate income, which, in combination with our bar takings, contribute toward the financial well being of the club. However, these functions are not there to drive profit – you can probably tell from the prices!

We principally seek to create a benefit for all the membership to enjoy. Enthusiastic members of the House Committee create opportunities for the membership to get together and make the club what it is.

Up River YC is far more than just a place to park your boat and go home, the House Committee adds real value to members enjoyment of the club.

Dennis Haggerty

New ideas

You may say our social programme is tried an tested, but ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ doesn’t necessarily attract a new and younger membership who have different ideas of fun. If you would like to liven things up it would be great if you could get involved.

And finally…

Clubhouse and grounds

Another aspect of the House Committee’s work is the upkeep of the clubhouse and grounds. If you are not into the social side but would like to get involved in organising projects around the club, the House Committee would find your contribution really helpful as we currently lack the expertise to understand detailed aspects of building maintenance.

If two or three people came forward to take this aspect of the House Committees work we would be very pleased to hear from you

Making a difference

Would you like to make a difference? Either Liz, Ian or Michael would love to hear from you.

If you would prefer to email please click here.

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