ICC Qualification Day


Due to unforeseen circumstances this assessment and qualification day has been postponed. We propose to offer this again in November subject to demand from members – ideally we would like 5 to take part to reduce the cost. Potentially Premier sailing may recruit an extra person if we cannot quite fill the boat.

Apologies we have had to postpone – I will ask for members to confirm their interest once more in early September when I can give you more information.


Continuing the theme of offering discounted courses and sailing related qualifications for Up River members, we have arranged a special discount for members to take an ICC (International Certificate of Competence), practical and theoretical test, with Premier Sailing.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get an internationally recognised qualification (often essential if you charter a yacht abroad) in a single day at the fraction of the price and time compared with the more comprehensive Day Skipper.

This day is quite rigorous, so participants will need to get some practice in (especially man-over-board) and study the requirements for the qualification. I’m thinking particularly about identifying vessels by their day marks, whistle blasts and lights which don’t feature much in our regular sailing on the Crouch.

Another upside from the day is the opportunity to helm/command the sailing schools 35 footer, so it might be an idea to think about wheel steering too. Whilst there will be ‘paperwork’, there is the potential for an interesting day sailing and to put into practice what we learned at the Navigation Classes earlier this year.

For full details, please click on this link

LATEST – this web page now has links to PDF documents sent to us by Premier Sailing explaining the full requirements to gain the ICC qualification and application – worth a look.