Flotsam News

There is a problem with Flotsam. Once beached and left at the high water mark, though interesting to discover, it tends to be, well… a bit old. And its not so different for our publication of the same name.

The existing magazine format of Flotsam is being ‘laid up’ this year, as we are going to try something different.

On-line magazine

To improve the immediacy of information and to encourage contributions we would like to try out a separate blog post stream called Flotsam. This means any Flotsam contribution from a member can be posted on the website within days. No need to await half yearly publication dates.

These contributions will appear as blog posts (you are reading a blog post) and, the clever thing is, by searching on items tagged Flotsam, you will assemble all of the Flotsam posts, creating what is in effect an instant on-line Flotsam magazine.  

Do you want to submit something for Flotsam?

Just send the text in an email and include any photos as attachments (no more than six photos per entry please). The text can be as long or as short as you like. Though its worth bearing in mind that 600 -1000 words tend to be read. Articles that are much longer will switch some readers off.

Please send your Flotsam email to dennis.haggerty1@gmail.com