Canoe Kayak and Board Safety

The Crouch Harbour Authority issued this notice for river users.

Due to the increase in the volume of Canoes, Kayaks, SUPs & Sailboards the Crouch Harbour Authority would like to bring to the attention of the users the following safety information:

Please click on the links below:

SUP Checklist  Stand up paddleboard safety | SUP safety tips and checklist (

Leash safety  Stand up paddleboard leashes | Which one’s right for you? | Go Paddling

RNLI SUP Safety Stand Up Paddleboarding Tips And Safety Advice From The RNLI

Following on from this the CHA has recognised the need for identification of these craft and consequently, a form has been drawn up for the registration and payment which is available ONLY through the CHA Website:

The fee is £5 for one vessel or £10 for two or more vessels.

Vessels owned and registered to established Clubs and used solely for training purposes are exempt, but the craft will need to be identified with the Club’s ID and Postcode.

To register and make a payment please use the link provided below:

Kind Regards,

Roz Fisher

Assistant Office Manager

Canoes and Kayaks at Up River Yacht Club

We have received recent enquiries from families who own canoes seeking to join the club. We have a dedicated storage area for canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. In addition to your family membership you pay a single boat registration fee to store all of your canoes etc.

Please see how to join and details of fees here.