August Cruise – Blackwater and Clacton Airshow

Day 1 – red line to West Mersea. Day 3 – blue line to Heybridge. Day 5 – purple line to Brightlingsea. Day 6 – blue dashed line Clacton Airshow option. Day 7 – no line to Burnham


This combines the Blackwater Cruise with the option to see the Clacton Airshow by boat or bus


Friday 16 August depart URYC 11.30 take the ebb to Burnham Marina or pick up a mooring or anchor in the River Roach. Alternatively leave from URYC on Saturday as soon as your boat floats on the incoming tide and motor-sail to Holliwell Point.

17 August depart 07.30 from URYC or depart 08.30 from Burnham punch tide to Raysand Channel (HW circa 11.15), aim to cross the sands 1 hour before HW enabling boats to ‘cut the corner’ at Holliwell point. Destination West Mersea (16 miles from Burnham). Arrive circa 13.30. Stay 2 nights. West Mersea Yacht Club tenders operate until 21.00 at weekends – can be up to 22.00 if booked.

19 August depart West Mersea 09.30 – 10.30 destination Heybridge Basin (arrive outside entrance to lock at one hour before HW (circa 13.30 – 10 miles) 2 nights. If wind is from the West, depart W Mersea by 09.30.

21 August depart Heybridge by 14.30 destination Brightlingsea (16 miles) arrive circa 18.00. I night or 2 nights.

22 AugustClacton Airshow option. Members can either take their yachts and anchor off Clacton that afternoon/evening if the weather is fine. If not, it is possible to stay a second night at Brightlingsea and travel to the airshow by bus.

For bus times Brightlingsea to Clacton please click here. Unfortunately these busses finish by 6.00pm so this means either a taxi back, or a train to Wivenhoe and get the Brightlingsea bus from there: Bus times for the  number 87 bus from Wivenhoe to Brightlingsea please click here

23 August depart from anchor at Clacton or from Brightlingsea 09.30 destination Burnham Marina via Raysand Channel (18 miles) arrive 15.00 -15.30

24 August depart Burnham 12.00 destination URYC (arrive before HW 16.54)