Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear Up River Member

This year we cannot hold the usual AGM at the club. Consequently, we have emulated many other clubs by moving this on-line. An AGM pack containing all of the information you would usually receive when attending an AGM has been emailed to Family and Single members. The enclosing email with the Pack includes details of an email voting form full members can use to cast their vote for officers and rule changes this year.

For 2020, rather than just members attending the meeting, there is a unique opportunity for every full member to vote for Club Officers and the proposed rule changes.

A copy of this pack is also available for our associate membership for information only, as, under our club rules, associate members do not have any voting rights. If you’re an associate member please click here if you would like access to the AGM Pack and the 2019 AGM minutes. This is password protected and you will have received an email with the password you need to enter to access the documents.

Questions about the reports in the AGM Pack? Before 16 November please send them to the commodore; who will refer them on to the appropriate members of the executive. All questions will be considered at the next exec meeting on 18 November and replies signed off on behalf of the executive.

We sincerely hope you will agree this is the best we can do this year given both the current and anticipated Government restrictions.

Votes of full members must be cast / sent to our Hon Sec before 1 December.

Thank you


On behalf of the Up River Yacht Club Executive Committee