Your Invitation

Thank you for registering your interest in the Push The Boat Out event at Up River Yacht Club.

Check out the recommendations below to get the very best out of your day.

Five top tips

  1. Arrive on time. The event starts at 11.30am, so get your name down for a sailing slot as soon as you can after 11.30am. Even if you cannot go out on the water right away, you will know what time to be at the top of the slipway with your buoyancy aid (‘lifejacket’) on and ready to go
  2. You will be provided with safety kit and our expert helms will do their best to keep you dry, but anticipate walking into the water up to knee deep. So please wear clothes and trainers you don’t mind getting wet. Its not a fashion show! Bring warm and comfortable clothing. 
  3. Pre-register for sailing. Here is a link to the booking form. Print a copy and complete the details in advance. Then you can just hand it in and get ahead of the queue. Everyone else will have to complete this form before they can be allocated a sailing time. Remember the time slot you are given and turn up promptly. Don;t miss out and find someone else has just sailed off in ‘your boat’. However, if timing goes wrong, we will do our best to ensure you don’t miss out.
  4. Arriving by car? There is a large free public car park adjacent to the club. Park there and walk toward the Hullbridge Community Centre, from there you will see the Pooles Lane entrance to Up River Yacht Club. Travelling by bus: walk toward the river and turn right, walk past the beer garden of the Anchor Pub to the club’s river side entrance.  (Overflow parking: Hullbridge Park car park which is 500m further along Pooles Lane) 
  5. You don’t have to know how to swim to take part. But, as sailing is essentially a sport dependent upon the weather, its possible that one or two people might find themselves getting a bit wetter than the rest, so bring a towel just in case.   

Whats happening on the shore

During the day you will find lots of activity around the club house. There is a BBQ and the club bar will be open selling low price drinks.

Volunteers on hand to help you

Club members will be on hand to explain what you need to do and where you will need to go. They are also a great source of knowledge about the opportunities for all sorts of boating on the river.

If you are thinking about learning to sail, Up River Yacht Club offer free courses to members including the use of club sailing dinghies for organised events. So its possible to try sailing, receive tuition and have fun sailing without having to buy a boat and all of the safety equipment. A low cost way to enter the sport. Just ask and you can get all of the information.

Free event

The great thing about the Push The Boat Out day at Up River Yacht Club is that you can try sailing, have a look around the club and consider if club membership might be for you. And its absolutely free.

Say you did think about joining the club after the event. Did you know that, for a family of four, memberships works out at less than £1 a week each. Its fantastic value.

The club offers much more than just dinghy sailing. We have a strong sailing cruiser section. There is growing interest in canoe/sea kayak use on the river. Paddle-boarding is another source of potential fun linked with exercise that has developed around the UK in recent times. New members willing to develop these areas and folk interested in becoming safety boat drivers and race officers are very welcome.

We don’t include motor boats or water skiing at Up River Yacht Club as these are well supported by other local clubs. So try sailing for free and see what you think of the club. Above all, after the day we think you may agree that Up River Yacht Club is the best yacht club on the south bank of the River Crouch. – tell your friends! 


Thanks and have a great day on Sunday 19 May – Please click here to return to the home page 


Check out this video

Although it’s from 2016 it does give you a flavour of what its like sailing at Up River Yacht Club

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