Launch and recovery syndicate

Apologies – due to a combination of issues; some Covid related, growth in our cruiser owner membership in 2020 and ground conditions at the club, Up River Yacht Club have no option other than to suspend new Launch and Recovery Syndicate applications until further notice.

Therefore, if you are thinking of joining the club because you wish to move your boat to the club grounds this winter this will be impossible unless you have a very small lightweight boat on its own trailer. You will also need a large 4wd vehicle to move a trailer onto the upper field.


The Launch and Recovery Syndicate and Recovery Syndicate is a self-help group. This means all members must assist in helping other syndicate members safely move their boats in or out of the water and for over-winter storage within the club grounds. The syndicate offers members the opportunity to take part in teams. Receive training in tractor driving for example and to ensure the safety of the public during boat moving operations.     


  • The Launch and Recovery Syndicate is open to all cruiser owners upon payment of a single joining fee.
  • The Syndicate is a self-help group.
  • All Syndicate members must attend a L&R Work Party. These Work Parties are totally independent of club Work Parties.
  • Launch/Recovery dates and times are displayed on the club notice board at the appropriate times.
  • All Syndicate members must assist on two days for each launch or recovery operation.
  • Non-attendance at a L&R Work Party will result in an additional payment.

The rules

All cruiser owners club members can apply to become members of the Syndicate upon payment of a single lifetime joining fee. This fee is set annually by the Finance Committee and approved by the Executive Committee prior to voting at the Annual General Meeting. From 2021 the fee has been set at £400 for life.

The Syndicate is a self-help group and all its members must assist in its efficient operation. The Launch and Recovery Committee organise two Work Parties per year to maintain the equipment. Members of the Syndicate must attend one L&R Work Party or undertake other duties as defined by the L&R Chairmen.

The first L&R Work Party is held approximately one month before launching commences and the second L&R Work Party is held approximately one month before recovery commences.

Any active Syndicate member who does not attend a L&R Work Party or undertake other similar duties will be required to make an additional payment. From 2016 this additional fee was set at £50.

The launching of craft, which is controlled by the suitability of tides, commences in March and is generally completed by the end of April. Normally four weekends are set aside for the launching of craft.

Members must assist on two of the launch days and two of the recovery days each year unless agreed otherwise with the Launch and Recovery Chairmen. Details of these dates and times will be displayed on the Club notice board approximately one month before the first launch date so that Members can choose an appropriate weekend.

The recovery of craft follows the same procedure as above except the first recovery commences in October with completion by the end of November, again governed by the suitability of tides.


Please download LR-Application-2021 to apply to join the Up River Yacht Club Launch and Recovery Syndicate.

Mooring your boat

Please download this Launch and Recovery Syndicate recommended mooring specification.

Laying up your boat

To keep your boat over winter within the Up River Yacht Club grounds you need to be aware of the limitations of the Launch and Recovery equipment. In the picture above you will see members yachts are principally bilge keel designs which are easily maneuvered by the L&R equipment and are ‘parked’ raised just off the ground using blocks of wood under the keels.

Several members have lift keel yachts that require a custom made frame that members must supply themselves. For L&R members these frames are stored free during the summer. Lift keel yachts must be of a size and configuration that enables them to be safely taken out of the water and lifted onto their frames by the L&R equipment.

Yachts with fin keels or any yacht that weighs over 3.5 tons (typically over 26-29 ft depending upon the design) will use a dedicated trailer (often called a ‘yard trailer’ in the UK) which owners supply and upon which their boat will be hauled out, and remain thereon throughout the winter, until relaunched in the spring. One again these trailers are stored free of charge when L&R Syndicate members boats are in the water.   

It is vitally important to be aware that owners are responsible for keeping their frames and trailers in good, serviceable and safe condition. The L&R Syndicate, through the Club Executive Committee, reserve the right to call upon owners to have an independent expert/surveyor inspect their frame or trailer (at the owners expense) to confirm it is structurally sound and safe, before the L&R Syndicate equipment can be used to move the owners boat.


Due to the over-riding issue of safety, the officers of the L&R Syndicate, through the Club Executive Committee, have the authority to decline any application to join the L&R Syndicate or for an existing Club member to remain in the L&R Syndicate, should the owner’s boat or trailer or combination thereof be considered:

a) too difficult to handle or where it might pose a risk to, or using, the L&R equipment

b) to potentially expose members, their property or the Club property to injury, loss or damage.