Planning Ahead

If you’re looking to arrange a race, fun sail or cruise in company, having the tide times to hand is very useful.

Please refer to your Yacht Club Tide Time Table and Events booklet or check out this information on line from our website provider for near dates.  

Members Only Offer

All our members have a right to see the the tide time tables (for which we pay a license) to display in our Club Tide Tides Table and Events booklet. However our membership booklet only shows tide times for High Water due to a lack of space/readability. However, especially if you are a cruiser owner, you may want Low Water times too.

Chris Hall has offered to send a PDF to any member who would like to see the full High & Low water information for 2018/19 and subsequent years when available. Simply send Chris an email. In addition Chris will do a set for any port from the licensed provider’s (Poltips) list (although that may not be by return), which can be extremely useful for passage planning. Its quite a bit of messing about for Chris to do, so ask nicely!


Please email Chris with any individual requests:


For copyright reasons we are not allowed to publish these on our website.