Latest RYA Guidance for Lockdown 2

The RYA have issued detailed guidance to yacht clubs:

Can I go boating?
Yes, for exercise or for the purposes of open-air recreation, as long as you’re doing so from a public outdoor place and that you are: –
 On your own
 With the people you live with (your household)
 With your support bubble
 With one person from another household – this could be a coach or instructor for 1:1 coaching/instructing

Children under the age of five, as well as disabled people dependent on round-the-clock care, aren’t counted towards the limit on two people meeting outside.

A “public outdoor place” if it is an outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise)
Care should be taken to follow the RYA Guidance on sailing with participants from different households.

The Club repeats the RYA’s guidance that we continue to urge our club members to take a conservative and considerate approach, particularly at this time of year.

Check out this link for full information

Can club facilities remain open?
No. All outdoor sports centres and amenities (which includes sailing clubs and watersports centres) must close during this period.

Can club boat parks and slipways remain open?
The RYA understands that boat parks and their slipways are part of a sporting facility and its amenities and therefore must be closed.

However, the RYA believe those that are situated in public outdoor places are not subject to the closure restrictions.

Can I take my yacht or powerboat out on the water from a marina?
The RYA have stated that a large majority of marinas have said that until further clarity is available, they will remain open at this time for their berth holders but are leaving it to them to make their own choices based on Government guidance.