Club Improvements 2020

The new year got off to a flying start. We commenced the construction of the base for our new tractor storage shed on Saturday 4 January.

Since then, the materials for the building have been delivered and the fitting team booked.

Collecting hardcore for the foundation

Multiple loads of hardcore were kindly donated by Sue and Julio. Other members brought in surplus materials – thanks for all of your donations!

Building the shuttering for the tractor shed base

The team, starting at 9.00am on Saturday 4 Jan, led by Bob Buckingham. They constructed the shuttering for the tractor shed base using the scrap timber left over from the demolition of the old ‘shanty’ tractor storage. We are all very grateful for the hours of hard work Bob and the team put in including salvaging the old wood, construction and then erecting multiple bracing timbers over the weekend.

The picture above shows the progress made by the afternoon of Sunday 5 January.

Final load, followed by breaking up the hardcore with sledgehammers

Several days work put in by John J and John LS in particular, with a small army of helpers, saw the hardcore broken down with sledge hammers. This was them bound with ‘MOT’ and topped with ballast in preparation for the cement.

Up river yacht club launch and recovery syndicate crack on with the next tractor shed base
Many hands make light work – pre-mixed concrete poured on and leveled in 40 minutes

On 17 January the ready mix truck delivered 5 cubic metres of concrete, all hands got to work making easy work of this by shear weight of numbers. Special thanks to J & M Jones, Eric B, Bob B, Martin J, Graham L, Mark R, Tollon, Keith, Tony C, Gerry, Ian L, Derek, Rob B, Marcus, Peter B, David R, John LS, Steve C, Terry S, Tony and Tina N.

You put in the work and made this task look easy! That will also count as 2 hours toward your next L&R Work Party. Come along again on Monday and that’s another 2 hours and you will have a tick in the box confirming you have done a full L&R Work Party.

Brilliant – thank you very much for your support – Dennis