Launch of URYC WhatsApp Group

To assess the popularity/uptake of WhatsApp as a method of instant free communication for the Club, we launched the URYC Group on Whatsapp on 3 January 2019.

Members with smart phones who have shared their mobile number with other members are likely to receive an invite to join the group. If you are already a Whatsapp user and want to join the group, please let us know by contacting one of the administrators Marcus or Alex and confirming your mobile number.

Why are we trying this

Mainly because its the easiest and most efficient means of contacting a large number of people instantly. And its free. It is intended for passing on urgent messages eg boat adrift in the river or invitations to join a day sail, impromptu cruise, offer crewing opportunities etc. It is not for idle ‘chit chat’ sharing jokes or a substitute for personal social media.

Please be assured that if it is misused the administrators will remove access to those responsible. Its strictly for Club related matters that concern everyone, or a message to which  you would want to sent a swift reply that you know will be seen.  

More detail about WhatsApp

Please check out this link for get an independent view of the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp.  


If you don’t have a smart phone you will not be able to take part. Well over 90% of people in the UK under age 54 have Smart Phones, however this falls off to 51 percent for the 55 to 65 age group. So perhaps it’s simply not practical for everyone in terms of the mobile phones they choose to own (or not, as may be the case).

Equally, some members may prefer not to know and rely on email or a phone call if it concerns their boat. Rest assured, this more traditional communication will continue.


Lots of positive comments so far, this idea has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm from a wide range of members.